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A lot of people are looking for the right methods to select the best solution for their business So we thought, that we could help by providing this blog.

Each time somebody mentions the word “Startup the only thing we can imagine is a genius brain that has come up with a brilliant idea and a team of enthusiastic people who are driven to succeed employees with their hands full of work to turn their startup into an explosive growth business.

One thing is certain, Startups move fast, very quick. Every delay and every opportunity missed, and every error can be negative.

The statistics show that around 20% of all startups fail badly within the first year.

The remaining 25% are not even close to the 15-year milestone. There is however an opportunity to assist you in securing a place within the 25% of the crowd. That is

  1. by opting for React native to start-ups, and

2. By hiring React Native developers.

Follow this blog to the end to get an complete concept.

What is React Native?

It was launched in 2015 through Facebook, React Native is an open-source, cross-platform framework. Also known as an engine used in applications, React Native builds mobile apps using React. What distinguishes him is his ability to speed up the development time for various operating systems , including Android or iOS.

Astonishing Facts About React Native

With React Native developers are able to write code once, then utilize and run the program anyplace. It lets you distribute 90% of your code across different platforms.

Created in JavaScript, React Native apps can easily be switched over to web developers.

You can release the most recent versions of apps without going through the App Store review procedure.

Famous companies that favor React native apps for mobile devices

It’s safe to say that the advantages from React Native are plenty and it is used by businesses regardless of size. Here’s a list of the most well-known companies and startups which use React Native for mobile apps.

  • Facebook
  • Facebook Analytics
  • Discord
  • Instagram
  • Skype
  • Salesforce
  • UberEATS
  • Pinterest

If they are able to count on React native then why should any other company?

Here are some of the Top Factors to Consider While Estimating the Cost of React Native App Development

Why do developers choose React Native for startups?

When we look through the top 10 most popular applications, we will see names such as Myntra, Adidas, Tesla, Walmart, Gyroscope, Bloomberg, Whym, Shine, Glitch, Airbnb, and many more. Do you know the foundations they’re based on? You’re right! On React Native. We understand the reasons. React Native offers tight tools as well as documentation and lots of experts to give a startup the desired outcome. React Native designed for Startups provides a fun platform, top-quality applications, a vibrant ecosystem, and much more.

The benefits of choosing React Native for startups

Top-notch user experience

The user experience is among the elements that determine the success and importance in any online product. React Native apps for startups can be an absolute delight since they’re extremely flexible and visually pleasing.


Since its beginning, React Native has been an extremely robust framework. It is supported by a massive community of users who help React Native developers solve new and challenging issues swiftly. React Native Development speed is rapid and, luckily, there’s no risk.

Wide availability for developers

React Native is an admired and reliable framework. Its ease of use has drawn developers in large part. This is why you can employ React Native developers from numerous outsourcing and offshoring companies that are available.

Faster Time to Market

Not just for startups , but for all organizations that is in business, it is important to be efficient with time. There is no way that a mobile application will be successful in the event that it takes too long to get its message out to the market and potentially customers. It is good news that React Native shortens the development time by half. Additionally, it is able to create MVP twice as quickly.

Cost Effective

Through React Native you can easily develop a single application for two operating systems. Thus, you cut down on development costs.

The technical benefits of using React Native for Startups

Highly compatible with the backend technology

Contrary to others frameworks, React Native works amazing when combined with back-end frameworks such as Django and Ruby on Rails.

Declarative Style

React Native is about what you want , rather than the way you’d like it. If you have to describe to someone what you’d like it to be the way you want it, this is known as imperative style. When you state what you’d like to say it’s more of an assertive style. For example, if you ask your cook for the food you’d like to have, you won’t tell them how to cook it.

Dynamic Evolvement

From the moment it was launched on the 15th of May, 2015, we’ve observed React Native only growing in both community and development. So, we can be sure that when startups opt for React Native for mobile apps they’ll choose the most up-to-date technology and readily accessible React Native developers.

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Hot Reload

It’s one of the greatest capabilities that comes with React Native that permits you to change the settings in the running and existing application.

Large Open Source Community

All React Native developer goes to GitHub and Reddit for issues which they are unable to solve on their own. The vast React Native community is likely to assist anyone who has an React Native issue.

Reusable Components

It’s a tedious task when you write the same code repeatedly time. React Native makes it easier to write code. React Native one can re-use existing elements built into the program. It is compatible with different operating systems.

Extensions from Third Parties

React Native lets you use third-party plugins as well as frameworks such for Galio as well as Native base.

Solutions that are ready-made and Libraries

The reason React Native can facilitate fast development is because it comes with many pre-made software and libraries. Along with speedy development React Native tools and libraries will also allow you to achieve the style you want. For instance, if desire the look and feel of Native you can make use of Nativebase.

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What’s the indications to choose React Native?

We’ve already witnessed numerous advantages of React Native but we’ve compiled some research-based information to help you understand why you require React Native.

  • You’re looking for top-of-the-line performance
  • Security is not a matter of compromise and it’s your top priority
  • You want to build your app brimming with images. For example, with React Native you get advanced interactions with animated screen animations that you can customize etc.

If the above information is of interest to you then recommend that you build your application natively using React Native.


React Native makes a direct connection to the Native platform widgets, which provide seamless native experiences for the apps. Another benefit of React Native is that it renders the code in a short time, with no dependence on browser’s response. React Native can flawlessly reuse components using a components-based architecture, community-driven innovation and third-party plugins, a the declarative style, the open-source community, and reduce costs. react native Developers can create mobile applications that are more flexible as compared to other hybrid applications.

Most likely, the rivals that are based on React Native may not catch the quality of its products because it grows with each release.

If you’re an enterprise seeking to recruit Hire Dedicated React Native Developer, you can reach us. Our team of experts will respond to you as soon as possible and will assist you with all your concerns.

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