Things to Consider When You’re Creating a React Native App

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5 min readJan 6, 2023
Things to Consider When You’re Creating a React Native App

React Native has wholly changed the way mobile apps are created through cross-platform app development. How did it change the development of apps in the current age, yet not lose its popularity? This is the reason: elements and components that can be scaled in React Native help developers speed their development processes.

React native has been awarded the number five spot on the top frameworks for development in the last few days according to Statista. It’s still in the process of proving itself and hasn’t backed away from its competition by battling with flutter vs react or ionic vs react. It is constantly improving with upgrades both for Android and iOS to make it more compatible with all the features that you are looking for!

Beginning with react-native could be thrilling, but it is important to be aware of all the important aspects that are required. It is essential to investigate more technical aspects to build the right environment and then debug the application. To ensure everything is in order, you should recruit React native programmers with a solid understanding of tools such as Expo CLI as well as React Native CLI.

Do you know the most important items you need to consider when creating an React Native app?

  • Create an appropriate development environment
  • Optimize App Performance
  • Incorporate Native API Integration
  • Decide What You’ll Need.
  • Maintaining Your App

1. Create an appropriate development environment

It is possible to create, build and launch and then iterate quickly using iOS, Android, and web applications using a variety of tools and services built upon React Native and native platforms.

To begin, you’ll need Xcode and Android Studio. You’ll be able to begin using one of these applications from the moment you use one. You could also utilize Expo for any of the React applications.

2. Optimize App Performance

Since the language of programming is mobile-friendly which means it’s extremely swift. React Native programmers use graphic processing units (GPU) along with the central processor unit (CPU) (GPU). This means they are significantly quicker.

Other than that it is possible to use light and easy components to make your own

Do not make unnecessary renderings

  • Optimize images
  • Use getItemLayout

3. Incorporate Native API Integration

Developers are looking to utilize native device functions through React Native’s API module. Third-party applications are sometimes required to use React Native. React Native provides modules that provide the basic features that all mobile apps require.

Developers must however build bridges to mobile apps that are complicated and lack support capabilities. The other major obstacle is the requirement to have a deep knowledge of Native languages to create bridges.

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4. Find out what you’ll need.

It’s best to find out what third-party libraries that you could need, like an editor for photos or another one that is related to maps. This will assist you in selecting between the tools of Expo or the CLI of React Native. It’s possible that the libraries developed for native programming won’t be compatible with Expo.

5. Maintaining Your App

Make sure you’re using the smallest amount of memory feasible. The idea of keeping information in your state may be beneficial since you won’t need to worry about the deletion of it once the component is removed. If your application uses redux, and it is data-intensive you might need to be able to clear the redux cache to avoid the memory consumption from slowing down performance.

Take a look at what kinds of apps Are You Looking to Develop with React Native?

Types of Mobile Apps

1. Social Media App

You can utilize React.js to aid in the lazy loading technique to improve the loading of dynamic content. To allow the lazy loading process of UI components, React.js incorporates React. lazy as well as React.Suspense. By loading only the components that are required up front lazy loading is waited for the prompt for the user.

Example Ample Facebook Ads Manager, a fully React Native cross-platform app, is adept at handling different formats for ads such as date formats, currencies and time zones. Its simple UI, easy navigation and user-friendly interface will transform your experience by incorporating animated transitions and animation.

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2. eCommerce App

You can make use of the atomic design technique that React.js is a default feature to build eCommerce applications and enhance user experience.

Three screens will typically be displayed on the e-commerce react native app.

A product page as well as the homepage

  • Payment page
  • Page of receipts

Example of React Native has helped Myntra create a catalog of its products as well as order placing, show profiles, and develop an appealing user interface as well as design. Myntra makes use of React Native across the app’s iOS and Android interfaces. Because React Native offers bulk scalability to Myntra.

3. Lifestyle Mobile Apps

React Native is an powerful tool to create native apps using the majority of native APIs that are that are bridged to Javascript.

An example — The Vogue app developed with React Native works as a cross-platform mobile framework for app development that makes use of Javascript.

4. POC or MVP

The process of creating an MVP is often an impulsive rush to release the basic version to customers. React Native can be the ideal option for creating an MVP since it’s efficient, cost-effective, efficient, and much more. In order to reduce costs and speed the time to launch. React Native streamlines the MVP process by integrating the process of developing apps into one framework.

Example: Using React Native’s reusability , refactoring and reuse abilities, Airbnb developed its app.

5. Data Analytic Applications

React is a great tool to create virtualization dashboards as well as Data Analytics solutions. Displaying real-time updates to the dashboard speeds up rendering and enhances UI refreshes. In addition, you can immediately display the latest changes on the dashboard, thanks to Reacts ‘ fast rendering UI components, and the capability to automatically update the initial DOM.

6. Apps to facilitate Instant Messaging

It would be beneficial when you have live data updates in real time for instant messaging applications to provide users with an unbeatable chat experience. Two-way real-time communication is possible with the WebSocket client.

It lets you use many best practices to create front-end software that is flexible and reliable, as well as economical and expandable.


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